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2007 list is added and it is checked to be in accordance with list by Asko Koski.
This site:
- included yearlists of 2000-2007 and results of 2902 competitions and performances of 760 athletes, all with throwing series (if available)
- included yearlists of 1891-1908 and results of 864 competitions and performances of 599 athletes

Welcome to this site of early and recent javelin results. You can browse competitions of old and new. Yearlists of 1891-1908 and 2000-2006 are available. Personal statistics of every thrower can be seen. Please look around. I have tried to design this site so that it is possible to jump from any list via athlete's name to his performances and via the name of place to the results of competition. And you can always get back with "back" in the browser menu. I wish, if and when you'll find errors and shortages, please tell me. I promise to be quick in correcting lists.

Be welcome to the world of javelin.

Matti Rasilainen

Pitkämäki vs. Thorkildsen
All meetings between Tero Pitkämäki and Andreas Thorkildsen since 2000.
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