29 Aug 2006
Recording Sheet (kilpailupöytäkirja)
In connexion of competition results there have been added the imagined copy of official recording sheet. That's possible if and only if the throwing series and throwing order are available. So you'll see all throws in the order they were made. When you find R after the name of the competition, recording sheet is available.
Main competitions
I have marked with green back-ground certain competitions like major championships, European Cups, competitions with winning mark more than 85 m, national championships with winning mark over 80 m, and some other subjectively chosen competitions. I hope, this will make easier to find the results. Concerning the year 2006.

8 Sep 2006
Pitkämäki vs. Thorkildsen
Added all the meetings between Tero Pitkämäki and Andreas Thorkildsen since 21 Jul 2001 in Grosseto ITA (European Championships of U20).
10 Sep 2006
National Championships
Added the results of national championships to the main menu under "Countries". National toplists during 2000...2006 is the another item under that title.
24 Sep 2006
World Cup
Added the results of World Cup in Athens and some minor additions and amendments as some season's best results between 70..74 m (as supplement for the countries toplists).
1 Oct 2006
Tero Pitkämäki
Tero Pitkämäki's early results in 2000 and in 2001 been added. These additions have been made according to Asko Koski's website. In the same time the results of World Junior Championships U20 in Santiago CHI in 2000 were added. And this was the earlier meeting of Pitkämäki vs Thorkildsen than I was telling you recently (8 Sep).
6 Mar 2007
Gabor Kobzos
Many thanks to Gabor Kobzos, who sent me Hungarian top lists of javelin throwing through the years 1904-1907. The Hungarians used the javelin of 1250 gr and 1,75 m long. So the weight of javelin was so much more than the Scandinavian model (800gr), that quite few of their results get to my list. The exception is the year 1907, when some of Hungarian athletes (as Istvan Mudin) began to throw with Swedish model using end-grip. Some of the results took the positions at the top part of the yearlist.
23 Jun 2007
Asko Koski
Many thanks to Asko Koski, who sent me earlier this month the additional information concerning 2006 list. The list is now updated.
19 May 2008
year 2007
2007 World list is added. Many thanks to Asko Koski. The crosscheck of the lists has been happened as before in recent years.
31 May 2008
Best averages of 10
has been updated.